Mental Health Resources

Mental Health — Everybody’s got it!

If you need immediate assistance or someone’s life is in danger, please call 911 or call Vancouver Island Crisis Line?at?1-888-494-3888


Click here to go to our mywellness mental health resources page!

As a student, you may find some?of the below resources useful in particular situations. If you have any suggestions for other resources, please let us know using?the Contact Us page.

Please check out the College’s website’s concerning mental health at the college? and?


NameWebsiteLocalChatSupportGroupsSelf-helpSpecializes in:
Camosun CounsellingLINKyesnoyesyesyescounselling, career, personal, educational, cultural, international students, resource library, online resources
Youthspace.caLINKyesyesyesnono1:1 Support line, Suicide
BCSS VictoriaLINKyesnoyesyesyesFamily counselling, Peer Support, Groups, Resources
NEED2LINKyesyesyesyesnoWorkshops and Support Groups, Resources
Mind Your MindLINKnonononoyesInformation, Interactives, Inspiration
Mind CheckLINKyesnoyesnoyesResources, Depression, Anxiety, Substances, Stress
Walk AlongLINKyesnoyesnoyesFree Assessment, Self-help, UBC
TuckLINKnonononoyes?Guide to anxiety and sleep
Here to Help BCLINKyesnoyesyesyesSubstances, Inspiration, Information
Youth in BCLINKyesyesyesnoyesall subjects, great resources, volunteer run
BoosterBuddyLINKyesnoyesnoyesVIHA, Feelings Journal, Peer Designed
Calm ClinicLINKnonononoyesAnxiety, Panic, Information, evaluation tool
DWD OnlineLINKyesnononoyesDepression, self-help, evaluation
Youth AnxietyBCLINKyesnoyesnoyesAnxiety, Self-help
Kelty Mental HealthLINKyesnonononoInformation, Substances, Medications, Healthy
Australian Mental Health Resources for ConsumersLINKnononononoWorkbooks
MindShift Mobile AppLINKyesnoyesnoyesAnxiety, Self-help, Mobile App
NoStigmas.orgLINKnonoyesnonoEducation, Empowerment, Advocacy
Tuck.comLINKnononononoGuide to anxiety and sleep


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