What is the U-Pass?

The Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) is another service provided by the CCSS. It was established by referendum of students in 1999. The BC Transit U-Pass provides unlimited access to Victoria region public transit to all Camosun, UVic and Royal Roads students. It works everywhere in the Greater Victoria Region, but does not work in other locations in?BC.

Who is eligible to receive the U-Pass?

All students taking at least one course on-campus are charged for a four-month pass. The charges appear on your Camosun fees statement. This mandatory program makes transportation to Camosun affordable, eases parking and traffic congestion, and reduces the demand to pave more of our campus for parking lots. The magnetic stripe on your validated Camosun student card is also your U-Pass. We require all students to participate in the program to maintain a very low price of 25% of the actual cost!

Where can I get the U-pass?

Your STUDENT ID is also your U-Pass. New students will get their student ID cards at the Library (camosun.ca/services/library), and returning students can renew their cards every semester at one of the campus U-Pass kiosks, located outside the bookstore at both campuses. When you receive your new student ID or reactivate your student ID, you will be able to use it as a U-Pass until the last day of the month that the semester ends.

Can I Opt-Out?

If you are unable to use the U-Pass because you have a disability preventing you from using the bus or you already have a bus pass through another mandatory program (e.g., from UVIC or through social assistance), you can opt out of the U-Pass. Contact the CCSS office for U-Pass Opt-Out information.