World University Service Canada (WUSC)

The World University Service Canada Student Refugee Program (Camosun chapter)?found its beginnings?in January of 2015 by a group of four passionate students. Initiated as a CCSS club and sociology class project with Dr. Francis Adu-Febiri and Dr. Francis Yee, the program has grown and is set to?welcome the first student refugee onto our Camosun campus as early as September 2016.

The WUSC Camosun chapter thanks all the Camosun students who voted overwhelmingly in favour of the SRP levy in the fall of 2015. Without the successful referendum, the Student Refugee program would not be able to welcome the student.

WUSC?is an international non-government-program based out of Ottawa. The organization’s main goals are to provide education for refugees around the world. The Student Refugee Program (SRP) brings students over from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to study within Canadian post-secondary education.

Camosun’s International department also provided?helping hand with providing funding for the refugee students class, accepting their admissions, and even including them in the homestay program.

Again, the students who started the program had no idea how meaningful this project would be and we are so excited to announce we will have a student at Camosun in the fall semester of 2016!


Feel free to contact WUSC at?wusc@คา สิ โน ออนไลน์ www.businessphonesky.com